Now that September is here, some of us have already booked our haul dates in prep for the cold hard winter.  We close ours down and haul out October 13th ourselves.

Before you tuck your pride and joy away under shrink wrap, be sure to thoroughly clean your canvas by using a soft brush to loosen any dirt.  Then use mild soap and water and the same soft brush to clean any embedded debris.   Allow the soap and water to soak in well, and thoroughly rinse all soap residue.  Be sure to let if completely air dry before shrink wrapping it for the winter or you’ll open in the spring with mold everywhere.

For your windows, rinse away all dirt and salt before doing any rubbing of cleaners or polishes.  This will help extend the clarity of your windows due to small abrasions.  Use the manufacturer approved cleaner and polish or you could void your warranty, and damage the plastic.  Never use Windex or Rain-X or you will need to see us prematurely for window replacements.

For winter storage, it’s best to store your canvas and windows on the boat in their natural position.  Never ever store them rolled up or you will ruin the clarity.  If you need to remove them from the boat, store them flat with soft fabric between each panel.

Don't forget, if you need any work done, now is the time to think about it and talk to us about your project needs.