Can you believe it?  One more week till the last summer holiday weekend is upon us.   How's your canvas, cushions, and windows holding up for next season?  

Many boaters put their boat away in the fall, forget about it over the winter, and realize when they open it back up that the canvas just won't make it another season.  That's often, far too late to get things done as most canvas shops like ours book their winter and spring with paying customers and commitments to their planned launch dates.

To avoid missing an early start with functioning canvas, consider booking soon.   The best time to pattern  your boat is late summer/fall before its covered for the winter.   This accomplishes several things.  

  1. Allows you to get in line now, and know we're committed to your job.
  2. It will spread out the costs ( 1/3 down now to reserve your spot and have us pattern, 1/3 down when we start fabricating, and the remainder on delivery).
  3. Most boats CANNOT be patterned with a shrink wrap in place. This would put you at risk of a delayed launch as no pre-work can be done until the shrink wrap is removed.  It allows us to fabricate over the winter to ensure your job is ready in time for spring.